In the Media (Selection)

Reuters, (on Sistani and Najaf), Aug. 27, by Khaled Oweiss

Arab Monitor, (on Lebanon), Sep. 1 

Daily Star, by Nick Blanford (on September 11), Sep. 11

AP, by Donna Abunnasr, (on Lebanon), Aug. 26

Ukaz (on impunity in attempt to assassinate Saudi crown prince)

Globe and Mail (on Iraq)

al-Hurra (lead comment on news, the ICJ wall decision, 10 July 2004)

NBN Guest, al-Malaff, 15 July 2004, on ICJ wall decision)

Guest (with Jihad Zein), Marcel Ghanem's weekly program, Kalam an-Nas, April 2004 (on democracy in Lebanon)

Guest, Marcel Ghanem, Kalam aan-Nas, October 2004 (on Bush II)