I am Sean Flannigan, a programmer and game designer.



Game Development Experience
5 years of professional game development as a C++ programmer.
3 years of Game Development education as a programmer.
I have also been actively creating games in the indie scene since around 2004.

Diploma of Interactive Gaming with Merit
Graduate Diploma of Game Development with Merit
My Diplomas were obtained from Media Design School in Auckland, New Zealand

Gameplay programming
Rapid development and prototyping
Team working and communication
Logic and problem solving
Game design

Technologies Used
C++ | Visual Studio | DirectX
Haaf’s Game Engine | ORX Game Engine
Gamebryo | Game Maker | Unity
Action Script 3 | FlashDevelop | Flashpunk
PhysX | Box2D | Tortoise SVN
Javascript | Python | Lua
Microsoft Office | Adobe Photoshop | The GIMP
Clip Studio Paint

Notable Released Games
Ordered by release. Click on a title to see more information about the project and my involvement.

Free Fall Enterprise
2016 | PC | Global Game Jam
Country Friends
2015 | iOS | Gameloft NZ
Duck and Roll
2015 | PC | Global Game Jam
Ice Age Adventures
2014 | iOS | Gameloft NZ
Flappy Walls
2014 | Android | Self-published
My Little Pony
2014 | Content Updates | iOS | Gameloft NZ
Littlest Pet Shop
2012 | iOS | Gameloft NZ
Wonder Zoo: Animal Rescue
2012 | iOS | Android | Gameloft NZ
Silent Ops
2011 | iOS | Gameloft NZ
Dead Steel
2010 | Windows PC | MDS project
2008 | Windows PC | group school project
2007 | Windows PC | Self-published | Freeware

If you want to contact me, for any purpose, email me at  radnomgames@gmail.com
Copyright Sean Flannigan 2015