Duck and Roll

Duck and Roll is a Global Game Jam 2015 entry. I worked on this project over 48 hours with a few friends, Paul Chambers, Jacob Grossman and Russell Bakewell.

The Global Game Jam entry page for Duck and Roll

Duck and Roll is a two to four-player platform game with fully destructible terrain. The longer you play, the more of the terrain disappears and the higher the water level rises, so matches are very quick and hilarious.

With a 48 hours limitation comes intense time pressure, but we still managed to get a lot of mechanics into the game. We have powerups, particles, destruction, four players, music and sound effects, and the level is procedurally generated each time.

Video Link:
Note that this is not the best indication of the gameplay as only one player is actively moving, but it is possible to see some of the game mechanics at work.

Sean Flannigan – Coder – Gameplay / Design
Paul Chambers – Coder – Menus / Input / Audio
Jacob Grossman – Art – Characters / Animation
Russell Bakewell – Art – Backgrounds / In game items

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