Wonder Zoo: Animal Rescue

I worked on Wonder Zoo: Animal Rescue as a programmer for the course of its production, until its release on Android and iOS in 2012.

Probably named after me… doesn’t look much like me though!

I was on the Wonder Zoo team from the beginning of the project until the game shipped. I spent most of my time on the quest and tutorial systems. I also worked on my favourite part of the game, the core ‘hook’ of the game where you drive off into the wilderness to find injured animals, rescue them, and bring them back to the zoo to raise them in captivity.

Look, he wants to go in the box! Definitely!

This part of the game required infinite level generation. As you drive across the wilderness, obstacles and decorations stream in to view. Other animals roam around avoiding you and the obstacles, but they are too fast to catch. a radar displays where the injured animal is.

The game has done very well, it continued to receive content updates for years to come.

Wonder Zoo on iOS
Wonder Zoo on Google Play Store

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