Free Fall Enterprise

Free Fall Enterprise is a Global Game Jam 2016 entry. I worked on this project over 48 hours with a small team consisting of Mark Pearce, Daniel Langsford and myself.

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Free Fall Enterprise is a single player sort of ‘zen yoga’ game about getting into the zone in a hilarious way reminiscent of Japanese game shows.

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With only 48 hours to make the game, we decided to scope down and make something very simple, but we still managed to do something creative and fun. The control scheme is very interesting, it requires an Xbox360 controller and makes full use of all the analogue controls – including the triggers.

We used Unity’s IK system to point the character’s various limbs to invisible points around the character and allow the player to move those points with the analogue controls. This lets the player have very precise control and let them express themselves in various ways, even letting the character dance as they plummet.

The game speeds up over time and gets very difficult!

Sean Flannigan – Coder
Daniel Langsford – Coder
Mark Pearce – Artist
Also featuring music by Kevin MacLeod.

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