Dead Steel

Dead Steel is a student project I worked on at Media Design School during my Game Development graduate diploma. We were a team of 7 and had 6 months to take a game from concept through to final product.

Fighting the big boss alien

We decided to make a top-down shooter, as it’s a genre that makes it very easy to control the scope. It’s also easy to make a top-down shooter fun and satisfying.
It was a very successful student project. The scope was kept narrow which allowed us to iterate on the game and ensure it was of a consistently high quality.

Awards and accolades:
Dead Steel was included as an on-disc download in the October 2010 issue of the New Zealand PC World Magazine.

NZ Game Developers Association: Kiwi game wins ‘excellent’ award at IGF China.

Our tutor, Jonathan Booth, giving a GDC presentation about Dead Steel.

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