Oddballs is a game I worked on as lead designer/programmer in 2008, in a team of 9 programming students. It was built as the final project for the Interactive Gaming course at Media Design School.

Oddballs screenshot

Inspired by the likes of ‘Super Monkey Ball’ and ‘Mario Kart’, Oddballs is a casual-friendly split-screen racing game that enables up to four players to compete against each other by bumping each other off the edge of the track or by utilising powerups that lie around the course to gain the advantage. Each player can also jump and take sneaky short cuts around the level. Oddballs has a level editor that allows users to create and play on their own levels.

Oddballs was developed in just 8 weeks from concept to completion. It was made for Windows computers using DirectX 9, using no external middleware.

Oddballs won the Silver Award for the category ‘Interactive – Games’ at The Crowbar Awards 2008.

The best place to download Oddballs, strangely enough, is from this German review website: chip.de.

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