Gunlimb is a game I made solo in September 2007 for The Independent Gaming Source’s B-Game competition.

Gunlimb Screenshot

The idea was to make a game along the lines of grindhouse movies that embraces and supports a low-budget style. So I rendered the graphics quickly with a mouse in MS Paint and came up with a gruesome and bloody, yet very simple concept: The main character has no limbs, only guns.

Gunlimb won second place in the B-Game competition.

“It is, in fact, the most hilariously badass indie game ever made.”Anthony Burch, Destructoid, April 2008

“Gunlimb manages to be fun, gory, and slightly uncomfortable, all at the same time. Quite an accomplishment.” – Games for Windows the Official Magazine, Issue 15, February 2008

“You have guns for limbs, so you shoot them to move as well as kill. Stupidly fun.” – PC Gamer Magazine, Issue 178, September 2008

Download Gunlimb HERE!

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